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  • "My first Royal Ascot was in 2011 when I got to see the magnificent Frankel win for the first time at the Royal Meeting. The greatest racehorse in history."
  • "My favourite day of the year, every year. Singing around the bandstand with friends and family after racing is the perfect end to the perfect day."
  • "Standing in the Parade Ring as The Queen arrived last year was very special as my young daughter was looking forward to it for months. Also, The Queen won a race on the day and everyone was cheering as she collected the trophy. "
  • "The best week of the year at the best racecourse in the world. What more can you ask for. "
  • "The Royal Enclosure is the best spot to enjoy a day at the races in the world. From when you arrive at Car Park 1 for a picnic, to the views of the racing and experience and atmosphere of the day."
  • "Came to Royal Ascot this year after many years of wanting to visit. It did not disappoint. An amazing day all around."
  • "Such an amazing experience in a breath taking venue. The atmosphere & facilities are out of this world. Thank you Royal Ascot 2017"
  • "Incredible experience with the family, we will definitely be visting next year! We can’t wait. Amazing day, thanks"
  • "What a place, what a venue. Won a few bets & had a great time with friends. Everyone needs to experience Royal Ascot"
  • "Great day at the Royal Ascot. Food was amazing, lovely weather. Overall an enjoyable day. Placed a few bets too!"
  • "Staff are fantastic. It was wonderful seeing the royal procession. Royal Ascot 2017"
  • "Came to Royal Ascot this year after many years of wanting to visit. It did not disappoint. An amazing day all around."
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Explore the world of Racing at Royal Ascot

Discover the legends that have been immortalised in Royal Ascot history and learn why the Royal Meeting continues to be renowned the world over.

Drag your cursor across the territory and hover on each illustration to find out more.

Four-time Gold Cup winner Yeats

How to breed a
Royal Ascot winner

Queen Anne Bay

The Colts

O'Brien Bank

O'Sullevan Sea


Lee Cove

Dettori Delta

Brown Jack Bay

Jockey's Mount

Hands Bay

Cecil Sound

The finest thoroughbreds battle
it out for one of racing’s
most prestigious prizes

The historic gold cup
dates back to 1807

Frankie dettori celebrating
his 50th royal ascot winner

Frankel Territories

learn how to read
the racecard

The Winning Post

Royal Colours Coast

Lake Aurelia

Commonwealth Coast

St James'Land


Home Straights

The Fillies

Pantheon Point

Bookmaker Bay

High Stirrups

Moore Land

Estimate Ridge

Good Going

Great Ward



Straight Mile

Stubbs Ridge

Lake Thoroughbred

Stable Hills

The Great Saddle

Jockey's Mount

King's Board

Valley of Champions

Jockey's Point

Bay of Bays

Bay of Black Caviar

Outsider Isles

Tepin's Bay

The Mares

Sea of Silks

The Ascot Ocean

Odds Bay

Handicap Hills

Golden Gulf

Hands Bay

Stoute's Straits

Gold Cup Coast

Dettori Delta

Lee Cove


Cape of Glendenning


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Explore the world of fashion and style at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is synonymous with sartorial elegance, upheld to this day with our dress code and underpinned by our history and traditions

Drag your cursor across the territory and hover on each illustration to find out more

Learn about the royal ascot dress code

Royal ascot millinery collective

Men's fashion through the
years at Royal Ascot

Beau Brummell

The changing face of women's
fashion at Royal Ascot

Queen's Colours Coast

Lake Loren

Haute Couture Coast

Great Tailor Plain

Dress Code Coast

River Tweed

East Shilling

Fair Lake

Fillies Bay

Season Summit

La Mascara

Lake Limousine

Foxe Bay

Chiffon Sea

Cape Coco

Beauty Bay

Bay of Brummell

The Quintessential Current

The royal ascot cocktail

The royal ascot cocktail

Bay of Brummell

River Tweed

Dress Code Coast

Beauty Bay

Beau Brummell

Explore the world of pageantry and tradition at royal ascot

From the Royal Procession which heralds the start of racing each day through to the much-loved communal singing around the bandstand, few events can rival the history and pageantry of the Royal Meeting.

Drag your cursor across this territory and hover on each illustration to find out more.

The Welsh Guard

Anthem Isle

Straights of Splendour

Great Bedford

The Royal Procession

The Greencoats

Windsor Great Park

The Landau PLain

The 1711 Coast

The Royal Enclosure

Hope and Glory

Regency Ridge

Great Norfolk

Great Bedford

Straights of Splendour

Procession Plain

Ascot’s iconic bandstand

Bandstand Bay

The Majestic Ocean

Parade Peninsula

Bunting Bay

Her Majesty's Plate Peak (6437M)

Monarch Mountains

Three Centuries Sea

Windsor Grey Gulf



Gulf of Gavotte

Sea of Song

Explore the world of dining at Royal Ascot

From exquisite picnics and extravagant lunches created by Michelin-Starred chefs to indulgent traditional afternoon teas, immerse yourself in the story behind Dining at the Royal Meeting.

Drag your cursor across the territory and hover on each illustration to find out more.

Harrogate Spring Water

Travel in all forms to
royal ascot

Purest Currents

The Southern Sommelier

The royal ascot menu

Picnicking at royal ascot

Hospitality Hills

Royal ascot – food by numbers

The Royal Ascot Wine Cellar

Wyndham Plain

Blanc Bay

Sea of Seared Scallops

Lobster Bay

Champagne – the perfect serve

Afternoon tea

Panoramic Peninsula

Culinary Coast

Hartnett Pass

Cape of Good Scones

Severn and Wye

Cuvee Bay

Howard's Bay

Sea of Teas

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